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If you’re looking for things to do in Onda, make sure you visit Casona del Molí de la Reixa, an old flour mill.

Molí de la Reixa in Onda sits on the outskirts of the town, a relic dating back to the 17th century that speaks of the destination’s industrial past. An old flour mill, Molí de la Reixa has been listed an Historic-Artistic Monument (1987) and a Site of Local Interest (1982).

The old mill has three floors. The trapezium-shaped plan is supported on one side by a water canal with the load-bearing walls and arches perpendicular to this side.

With unique construction details, the building is unlike other mills from the same period. The water canal located on the northern side of the mill was used to move the millstone. This canal ends in a pool which is known as Font de la Força. To this day, the canal still contains water.

Since 2010, the mill’s old machinery has been restored and new pieces have been acquired. The mill is open to visitors so you can take a look around and discover how mills worked centuries ago. The mill also houses Onda’s tourist information centre and Colección Museográfica Principal de Paleontología y Mineralogía, a collection focusing on palaeontology and minerals. The next time you’re in the town, make sure you visit the old flour mill and delve into the history and customs of the local area.