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Spend some time at Les Platgetes de Bellver, a nudist beach where you can unwind by the Mediterranean.

Les Platgetes de Bellver is a beautiful cove in Oropesa del Mar, an unmissable destination on the Castellón coast where you can enjoy the Mediterranean and unwind in the sunshine. Sitting next to the development of the same name, this 350m-long beach boasts tranquil waters - thanks to the protection of a breakwater - where you can take leisurely dips. The waters are shallow and the waves are small, making it the perfect place for your little ones to splash about in the waters or even learn to swim.

The sand at Les Platgetes de Bellver is fine, and you can access it along a conveniently placed seafront promenade.

Les Platgetes de Bellver is a nudist beach affording vistas over Torre Bellver surveillance tower. There are showers, showers for washing the sand off your feet and public toilets.

To get here, you can either take the bus or drive, parking your car in the carpark. The perfect choice for a day out and picnic at the beach. Les Platgetes de Bellver has a walkway and access for people with disabilities. So how about it? Come and spend the day on the Castellón coastline and discover all the wonders Oropesa del Mar has to offer.

Quality and Environment Certificates
Blue Flag ISO 14001
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