The pretty mountain village of Pavías is a great place to visit, particularly during Fiesta de San Antonio.

Every January, Pavías – a small village nestled in Sierra de Espadán natural park – puts on a festival full of delicious cuisine that has got a long history behind it. San Antonio Abad is celebrated in many towns and villages across the Region of Valencia, but in no other destination is it as tasty as in Pavías.

Swept up in mountains populated with beautiful hiking routes and fountains where you can quench your thirst, the village is home to an historic site: a Moorish oven, housed in a 15th century building which has been converted into a cultural centre. Once a year, the oven is tasked with the mission of baking congretes, a traditional pastry, which is then sold to the locals. Over 700 are made over the course of the event.

As is characteristic of many San Antonio Abad festivals up and down the region, a huge bonfire is lit in the village.

Fiesta de San Antonio is the excuse you’ve been looking for to explore this small and beautiful part of the province of Castellón. Put it in your diary.

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