Peñíscola Peñíscola Peñíscola

What are you looking at?

You’re looking at the most famous monument in Peñíscola: Castillo del Papa Luna. This monument overlooks the destination’s narrow and steep streets, the fortress of Gothic ashlars, the kilometre-long North Beach, fertile plains, Sierra de Irta Natural Park and Marine Reserve, streams, coves and more from high above Peñíscola.

What can you do near Peñíscola?

Head to Peñíscola, on the northern coast of Castellón, and you can still see traces of its distant past. Along with beautiful beaches, this destination is filled with mountainous landscapes, good food and wine and sites like Portal de Sant Pere (built in the 15th century) and El Bufador, where waves of the Mediterranean Sea hit.

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