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With its age-old history, delicious gastronomy and stunning landscapes, Peñíscola will capture your heart in more ways than one. Sitting on the sparkling Mediterranean and surrounded by mountains, the town has a fascinating past that you can explore through its great sights and monuments. Fill your day discovering everything there is to see and then dip into the tranquil seas to freshen up. Pure bliss. 

What to see in Peñíscola

The best place to start your exploration of Peñíscola is in the historic centre. Take your time to wander every street, poke your head into every nook and cranny and soak up the great legacy that pope Papa Luna left behind. 

Steeped in history and artistry, the old town conceals some great treasures. The most obvious is Castillo del Papa Luna, an imposing fortress perched on a rocky peninsula that thrusts into the sea. As you step foot inside, you will be transported back in time, immersed in the castle’s secrets, myths and legends. The vistas over the Mediterranean will take your breath away and you will be captivated by El Bufador, a natural cavern that is lashed by the waters on stormy days. 

Back in the historic centre, the steep and narrow streets will lead you to whitewashed houses with colourful shutters. One house in particular will capture your attention: Casa de las Conchas, which is defined by its façade covered in white shells. 

Peñíscola has also been captured on film. A number of internationally renowned films and series have been shot here such as Games of Thrones and other Spanish productions. You’ll find yourself noticing familiar scenes as you wander around. 

You will also be taken aback by the natural beauty of this stretch of the province of Castellón. Long beaches, such as El Nord, and cute little coves to the south meet the impressive slopes of the Sierra de Irta mountains. The best way to explore these naturescapes is on foot, following the hiking routes that will immerse you in beautiful scenery and take you to historic monuments, such as Torre de Badum

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this incredible destination in the Region of Valencia and enjoy all of its charms. 

How to get here:

By road you can take either the AP-7 Motorway (exit 43) or the main road (Carretera Nacional 340), both connect to the local road (carretera local CV-141) which leads to the centre of the town.


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If there is a city in the Comunitat Valenciana which is a reference concerning audiovisual productions, where some of the greatest films of the seventh art and some of the best repertoire of the Spanish cinema have been filmed throughout history, that is Peñíscola.
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