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Go on a lovely seaside stroll from the bullring in Vinarós along the Castellón coast. Packed your bags already?

Plaza de Toros de Vinaròs, Vinarós Bullring, stands proudly right on the shorefront. Make sure you check it out when in the area. On top of traditional bullfights, there are heaps of great concerts organised, so you could even go to one of the many shows that are held inside the bullring.

From Vinarós Bullring, take a stroll to the port and explore the many gorgeous beaches and coves that stretch along the coastline. La Foradada Cove is a beautiful wild spot and a must when visiting the town. In addition to peeking inside the bullring during your trip to Vinarós, it’s well worth exploring the town itself and its stunning surroundings. Just outside of the urban centre of Vinarós, you’ll find scenic Mediterranean forests with plenty of trails to wander along while admiring the scenery. On foot or by bike, getting to know Vinarós is a real pleasure as it has so much to offer. Don’t leave without trying the mouth-watering local cuisine, with fresh delectable langoustines the star of the show.

Start your tour of the area at Vinarós Bullring and end your trip falling in love with this charming place that is bursting with flavours and aromas.