Discover the delicious products and wines that define the Region of Valencia at the countless foodie events taking place throughout the area.

The focus of the gastronomic events in the Region of Valencia is to introduce you to the cuisine, products and wines that define specific areas in the provinces of Castellón, Valencia and Alicante. Why not take a look at our events calendar to discover events that will immerse you in the flavours of the mountains and the Mediterranean a sip or a mouthful at a time.

Gastronomic events in the province of Castellón

The province of Castellón organises a large number of gastronomic events. Held every year, these foodie celebrations revolve around specific products, such as the refined black truffle, Benicarlós’s Designation of Origin artichoke, Vinaròs’ delicious langoustines and more.

There are also all sorts of food fairs that shine the spotlight on products such as artisanal cheeses and the different varieties of olives that are used to make delicious olive oils. If you love to indulge in a bit of gastronomic or wine tourism during your getaway, these events are the perfect excuse to treat your palate while discovering some unforgettable landscapes.

Gastronomic events in the province of Valencia

The province of Valencia is proud to celebrate the quality and versatility of the grain that perhaps best defines it - rice. Not only is there a competition that sets out to find the best paella valenciana chef out there, there are also all sorts of other events that will introduce you to different rice varieties, envelop you in the culture of rice and treat you to vistas over landscapes that are known for their rice cultivation.

Wine is also in the spotlight in the province with events fusing wine and cuisine. Wineries and cooperatives showcase their incredible bottles as well as products such as sausages, which are particularly renowned in the inland. And then there is honey, a delicious product that is the result of local apiculture.

Gastronomic events in the province of Alicante

The province of Alicante has a great gastronomic tradition for Lent and Easter, resulting in foodie events that celebrate the food served at these special times of the year. There are also more informal events revolving around tapas and pinchos that are the perfect excuse to visit destinations that are bursting with charm.

The province also has an excellent reputation for its rice dishes that shine the spotlight on quality products such as Dénia’s gamba roja (prawns), ñora peppers and Guardamar del Segura’s langoustines.

Check out our events calendar to fill your getaway to the Region of Valencia with the most unforgettable foodie events. A whole world of flavour awaits.

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