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Dinosaur Trails promises an incredible experience that will immerse you in an important part of the Region’s heritage: our palaeontological sites.

Dinosaur Trails is the cultural initiative that will take you on an exploration of the Region of Valencia’s palaeontological heritage. This is an opportunity to visit new destinations and delve into our history through archaeological sites, trails and museums.

Dinosaur Trails: Sites and Areas

Alpuente, Bicorp, Dos Aguas, Chera, Morella, Bejís and Millares are home to sites where you can see dinosaur footprints, which are also known as ichnites. These are great places to start your Dinosaur Trails exploration.

What’s more, in Agost you can visit the k/T Limit Site, which is a place where you can see one of the great events that contributed to the extinction of dinosaurs. These changes, caused by the impact of a meteorite, have left a mind-blowing footprint in the geology of the town that is well worth coming to visit.

Dinomanía Site and Natural Park, in Cinctorres, is a science and culture park that shares the palaeontological wealth of the destination. Here you can visit an exhibition, explore a dinotrail and learn all sorts about dinosaurs. 

Dinosaur Trails: Museums

Beyond Dinomanía Museum in Cinctorres, there are other dinosaur museums and museum collections in many municipalities. The list is an extensive one: Forcall, Morella, where you can visit Morelladon, the first dinosaur in the province of Castellón, the University of València Natural History Museum in Burjassot and the palaeontological museums in Alcoy and Elche

Rojales, Requena, Alpuente, Bejís, Onda, Ribesalbes and Sant Mateu are also on the dinosaur museum list. So if you want to learn about the creatures, you know where to go. 

Dinosaur Trails: Walks

Last but by no means least, you can take walks to visit – and take incredible photos of – the dinosaur figures and recreations in the Region of Valencia. Namely, you can get up close to Morellasaurus, Rausuquios in Bejís, Dacentrurus armatus in Alpuente, Struthiosaurus in Millares and Lirainosaurus in Agost. Another dinosaur is Losillasaurus in Aras de los Olmos where you can enjoy another interesting palaeontological and geological trail

Grab your kids and enjoy Dinosaur Trails, a great idea for family days out. Check out the official website to discover more.

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