Allipebrà de angulas

  • Valencia (Provincia) - València
  • Ollas y guisos

Eel stew with All i Pebre (a sauce made using garlic and paprika) is, undoubtedly, one of the most authentic dishes from the Region of Valencia, and one of the most famous, after paella. It is typical of the lowland areas, fenlands, and particularly La Albufera. In fact, it was the fishermen from La Albufera who introduced the eels they caught whilst fishing into Valencian gastronomy.





1 kg chopped eels¡ 250 gr baby eels; 1/2kg diced potatoes; 2 heads of garlic; 1 tablespoon sweet ground red pepper; 7 tablespoons olive oil; 50 gr almonds; 150 g rice; parsley, saffron and laurel.


Heat the oil in a paella pan and lightly fry one garlic head with the chopped potatoes, then add the ground red pepper, continué frying for a moment, then add the water. After this add the chopped eels and the laurel. 10 minutes later, pour in the rice and add the seasoning (chop up the almonds, garlic and parsley) and the baby eels.