Natural Landscapes. Nature in the Region of Valencia


If the Region of Valencia is distinguished for something, it is because of its vast natural heritage and its diversity. There are more than twenty natural parks including islands, coastal mountain ranges, wetlands ... An endless number of places to stroll, practice sports or relax. You pick!

From north to south, the interior mountain range holds an immense natural wealth where the most varied vegetation contrasts with high and arid spaces ideal for hiking. The Serra d'Espadà or the Sot de Chera, in the provinces of Castellón and Valencia, or the Serra de Mariola in Alicante, are three examples of the heterogeneity that you can enjoy.

The Natural Reserve and Marina of the Illes Columbretes, in the province of Castellón, the Salinas de Santa Pola, the Mata and Torrevieja, and the Albufera de València Natural Park are just a sample of the impressive natural route we can enjoy. Which natural park do you want to start with?