The extensive and precious natural area of ​​the Region of Valencia, made up of diverse Protected Areas, makes the mountain and the sea an ideal destination to enjoy a stay of rural tourism.
Do you enjoy nature in all its forms? Alicante, Valencia and Castellón harbour a diversity of ecosystems whose fauna and flora are unique in the Mediterranean. Whether in the crystal clear water of the south, the luxurious mountain ranges of the north, the rivers and wetlands or on the impressive coastline that runs through the entire region, you will find the place where you can practice healthy and rural tourism, always surrounded by nature and tranquillity. If you also like active tourism, all these natural spaces give you an extensive list of sports and leisure activities. Rural tourism in the Region of Valencia is equal to charming villages, beautiful lodgings and experiences that connect us with the authentic.

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The Region of València is well known for the sun and the beach but has many places of interest for the visitor. The inland areas of its three provinces are full of charming villages that are worth visiting, with historic buildings, churches, and castles surrounded by magnificent natural landscapes. Also, many coastal towns have a unique attraction, beyond the typical summer areas.
The Region of Valencia is well known for its pleasant climate and its beautiful golden sand and clean beaches and temperate waters. But in its inland regions host rural areas of great value that are increasingly visited by tourists from all over the world.
The beautiful nature exhibited by the lower area of ​​the Valencian region of the Navarrés Canal provides particular geological characteristics to the town of Anna (2,678 inhabitants), which in turn offers the visitor a chance for contemplation of fascinating natural spectacles where water is the protagonist.
Immerse yourself in the stunningly diverse landscapes of the Region of Valencia, breathe in the fresh air and feel instantly regenerated.


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