Birdwatching Spain

Immerse yourself in spectacular scenery and observe the local wildlife with Birdwatching Spain, a knowledgeable team that can’t wait to share their expertise with you.


Based in Gandia, Birdwatching Spain runs a wide selection of experiences that will take you on an exploration of some of the most beautiful landscapes in the Region of Valencia, including Hondo de Elche, Salinas de Santa Pola, Albufera de València, Marjal de Pego and Font Roja in Alcoy. As you walk, knowledgeable guides will tell you all about the herons, cormorans, flamingos, falcons and other birdlife inhabiting these areas to give you an insight into the local fauna. 

Composed of experts specialising in birdlife and the natural world, the team will be delighted to design excursions that are tailored to you. No matter how much time you have available - whether it be a day, a couple of days or even a week - Birdwatching Spain will immerse you in spectacular scenery where you can observe all sorts of different wildlife

Albufera de València natural park is just one of the destinations that Birdwatching Spain knows like the back of their hand. Here you will explore some 20,000 hectares of wetland and green areas that attract all sorts of different species. The experts also specialise in Gandia and other areas in the Region of Valencia where you can enjoy observing not only birds, but also butterflies and plants and trees. 

What’s more, Birdwatching Spain is dedicated to local and sustainable tourism, showing a deep respect for the natural world and local heritage in everything they do. The company is involved in a number of projects that aim to educate the public, particularly young people, about how to best protect the environment. 

If you love getting up close to nature and observing local wildlife, Birdwatching Spain is for you. Have your binoculars at the ready and start getting excited about seeing some of the most stunning landscapes in the Region of Valencia. 

Birdwatching Spain

For many, Gandia conjures up images of long summer days spent lazing on golden beaches. But the destination has more to offer than the coast. It is a town steeped in history where you can explore heritage sites and savour the most delicious cuisine. A great place to visit all year round.

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