Go diving at Columbretes Islands with Charters Casamar

Immerse yourself in the deep waters surrounding the nature reserve and be amazed at the diverse sea life that lives under the surface.


Sometimes you can’t comprehend the beauty of a place until you have been there for yourself. Columbretes Islands is a case in point, a jewel of the Mediterranean that lies some 30 miles from Castelló de la Plana. The islands are a volcanic archipelago that is known for the vibrant marine life that inhabits its waters. What better way to explore this underwater world than by going diving

The nature reserve comprises four islets: Illa Grossa, Illa Ferrera, Illa Forada and Illa Carallot. The wealth and diversity of the sea life that call the waters here home have made Columbretes Islands a favourite spot among divers. If you are keen to explore what lies under the surface, Charters Casamar has got the perfect excursion for you. 

Based in Castelló de la Plana, Charters Casamar offers a range of experiences that will get you out and enjoying the waters. One of its most popular is the diving excursion to Columbretes Islands, which runs every weekend from Friday to Sunday. 

The adventure starts at 7am at Real Club Náutico in Castelló de la Plana when you will set off to the islands, a journey that takes about two hours. Your first dive into the waters will be at 11am. You will then take a break before submerging yourself again at 1.30pm. After getting dressed, you will climb back onto the boat and head coastwards towards Castelló de la Plana. 

Under the water, you will be immersed in an astonishing world inhabited by groupers, fan mussels, red lobsters, sea bass, moray eels and more, in addition to seeing the bright red corals. An extraordinary spectacle of nature. 

Exploring the deep waters of Columbretes Islands is an experience like no other, an exploration that you will remember for years to come. Book your place on the diving trip with Charters Casamar and explore the depths of the Mediterranean. 

Charters Casamar

Situated off Castelló de la Plana, Columbretes Islands are a haven for sea life. An incredible place to submerge yourself in the water, get up close to the fish and corals, and be blown away by what you see.

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