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Columbretes Islands are magical islands floating in the Mediterranean where you can watch the sea life in motion.

Columbretes Islands are one of the landmarks of the western Mediterranean, not to mention the Region of Valencia. This natural park is located 48 kilometres from the coastline of the province of Castellón and is home to incredible ecosystems both on the land and in the sea.

The islands are an archipelago of volcanic islets. The biggest islands are called Illa Grossa, Illa Ferrera, Illa Foradada and Illa Carallot. It wasn’t until around 1856-1860 that the islands were colonised and the lighthouse was built to guide boats at night.

Columbretes Islands are now a tourist destination. The only islet you can visit is Illa Grossa, as the others are too fragile. Here you can gaze at stunning landscapes and marvel at the fauna and flora. The habitat here is truly one-of-a-kind and is home to a wide variety of sea life.

The information centre for Columbretes Islands Natural Reserve is located in Planetari in Castelló de la Plana. With its exhibition about the islands and the world of fishing, the centre will teach you everything you need to know about this treasure floating in the Mediterranean.

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