Funnily discover València's heritage with Art Valencia

Getting to know València through the five senses is Art Valencia's primary goal, an agency with a purpose: make the visitor have fun while learning!

Art Valencia wants to make you use all the senses, arise your emotions and build unforgettable memories of the visit to the Region of Valencia. A different way of doing tourism, through dozens of activities and experiences to learn while having a fun time.

The range of tourist attractions of Art Valencia is extensive. With its professionals, you can get to know all the most common and internationally known points of the city, such as the Ciutat de les Arts i de les Ciències or the historic centre, but they also invite you to go further and see other incredible places around the Region of Valencia. Thus, among the more than ten proposals, you can choose to visit Requena, explore its old town and discover one of its wineries. If you prefer the sea, they suggest a visit to Gandia, where, after a walk through the port, you will visit the most outstanding monuments and the old town streets. Do you love history? Then, choose the excursion to Sagunto and Les Coves de San Josep.

Art Valencia – Visitas Guiadas

Art Valencia promises to show you unique places and varied experiences. Can you imagine knowing the Silk Road through a handkerchief painting workshop? Or use an old technique to create, with your own hands, a piece of ceramics? With the experiences of Art Valencia, you can even become, for a moment, a master fallero and sculpt your own ninot. Discover the essence of the Region of Valencia with an authentic experience full of culture and history!

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