Museo del Turrón in Jijona will immerse you in the festive world of nougat

Dive into the magical world of the Region of Valencia’s favourite Christmas treat at Museo del Turrón and discover how it has become one of the most popular festive sweets in the world.

Gastronomy is an integral part of the Region of Valencia’s identity. Each and every corner of the region boasts its very own recipes, food traditions, ingredients and techniques that often result in local specialties. Jijona is one of these places. Famed for its turrón, or nougat, the town is so proud of its specialty that it even has a museum dedicated to it. 

Museo del Turrón in Jijona is somewhat of an icon in the municipality. Over 60 years old, the museum has transformed a precious specialty into a place of culture with a local and even national reach. Here you can discover how technology in the manufacturing of nougat and marzipan has evolved over time, adapting with the needs of each period, though without ever leaving tradition and taste on the wayside

If you love Jijona turrón, you can immerse yourself in the world of nougat by visiting both the factory and the museum and, of course, enjoying a tasting of the sweet treat. The museum has three floors. If you start your visit on the top floor, you’ll find out all about the ingredients that are used to make nougat and marzipan, namely honey, sugar, eggs and almonds.  

On the middle floor, you’ll find out about one of the manufacturing processes. And finally, on the bottom floor, you’ll discover the commercialisation of the product as well as everything about its sales points, advertising, the history of the business and local history. 

Museo del Turrón is a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the history of Jijona and find out more about one of the best known traditions of the Region of Valencia. Grab your family, friends or loved one and get yourself in the festive spirit with turrón. 

Museo del turrón

  • Polígono Industrial Ciudad del Turrón – Pol. Espartal II Carretera Busot km1.
  • +34 965 610 712

Jijona is an enchanting municipality in the inland province of Alicante. Known for its turrón, or nougat, the town is home to great historic and cultural heritage. Its streets, people and traditions will envelop you in the magic and serenity of the Mediterranean.

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