Get out in the fresh air and enjoy the landscapes flanking the course of the river Júcar with the adventure activities offered by Ribera Actiu.


Ribera Actiu is an adventure company based in Sueca that will take you on adventures in the incredible scenery enveloping the river Júcar. The perfect opportunity to combine views with thrills. 

The team at Ribera Actiu runs all sorts of active tourism activities, providing all the equipment you’ll need. You could go kayaking down the river Júcar, for instance, a fun activity that is ideal for a family day out as both you and the kids can get involved. 

Another option is to go canyoning. The activity comprises making your way through a gorge, which either has a river running through it or not, giving way to two sub-categories of the sport: wet canyoning and dry canyoning. Whether you’re a total newbie or a pro, you can give canyoning a go. 

Beyond trying kayaking and canyoning for the very first time, you can sign up to an adventure day. As part of the experience, you will take on the challenge of a via ferrata. You’ll be accompanied by your instructor at all times and will have all the equipment you’ll need to keep you safe.

Alternatively, you can explore the beautiful landscapes of La Murta valley with nature walks and orienteering. In the former, Ribera Actiu will teach you about the plants and flowers endemic to the area while in the latter you will learn how to use tools and points of reference to help you get where you need to go without using your smartphone. Both are great ways to feel at one with mother nature. 

Not only does Ribera Actiu take you on an exploration of the beautiful landscapes sculpted by the course of the river Júcar, it also gives you the opportunity to try out adventure activities that will get your adrenaline pumping. So what are you waiting for? Choose the activity that appeals to you the most and get out there in the great outdoors. 

Ribera Actiu

Located next to L’Albufera natural park, Sueca is a destination where you can gaze at Art Nouveau architecture and boundless rice fields. It also has 7km of coastline where you can lounge around and take refreshing dips, before delving into the delicious local cuisine. A great destination for a getaway.

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