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A Modernist town enveloped in rice fields. Can you think of anything more Valencian than that?

Sueca is encircled by the rice fields of  Albufera natural park, a beautiful landscape that evolves with the passing of the seasons. Though defined by rice, this small Valencian town has a great deal more to offer, namely the beautiful Modernist buildings that are calling out to be admired. 

What to see in Sueca

During the heights of the industrial period, the local community welcomed the artistry of the Modernist movement, which was shortly followed by Art Deco. The town still showcases the beauty of the late 19th and early 20th century ideals of style. If you are keen to see these masterpieces up close, the Modernism tour will take you to the most iconic streets and points of interest. Asilo de ancianos, Ateneo Sueco del Socorro and Casino de la Agricultura are just some of these.

Sueca has a large number of museums to explore. One of the most popular is Museo Fallero, which exhibits the ninots (small sculptures part of the larger display) chosen to be spared from the flames of the great burning ceremony that culminates the Fallas celebrations. The museum also contains books, photographs and posters relating to the festival. 

There is also a museum dedicated to the world of chocolate. Artisanal chocolate company Comas de Sueca opens up its museum-cum-factory so you can see how chocolate was made in the past. Sueca is also known as the home of Joan Fuster, a famous writer whose home has now been converted into a museum. The patron saint of Sueca also has a museum: Nuestra Señora de Sales church, also known as Convento, Camarín and Museo.

Along the coastline outside the town, Sueca offers an expanse of fine golden sand where you can take refreshing dips and laze around in the sun. Seven kilometres of beaches await where you can spend quality time with your friends and family. The most popular of these are La Llastra, Les Palmeres, El Perelló and Motilla beaches. 

To find out more about rice cultivation in Sueca, there is a walking route that snakes through the rice fields of Albufera natural park. You can also cycle the trail, exploring the great agricultural and gastronomic heritage of Valencia’s most famous grain. 

There are plenty of ways for you to spend your time in Sueca. Swept up in the rice paddies of Albufera, the town is awash with traditions that define the delicious local cuisine. A wonderful destination for a day out. 


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