Feel like you're on a real African safari within the province of Alicante at Safari Aitana and watch the animal world in motion.

Sometimes you don’t have to travel all that far to enjoy the thrills of an African safari. Safari Aitana, in Penàguila, is a safari park nestled in one of the most verdant areas of Alicante where you can climb aboard a 4x4 and live an authentic safari experience. 

Elephants, llamas, giraffes and lions are just some of the impressive animals that inhabitat Safari Aitana, an extensive natural area where the animals live in semi-freedom

The park has a long history. Back in 1973, a married couple decided to make a change to their lives and dedicate all their time to animals. It was Maria Van Soldt’s idea to build a safari where the animals could roam large spaces and enjoy the fresh air. 

Though the years have passed, the original spirit of the park is still very much alive. Every day, families come along to experience it, travelling to the African savannah within a beautiful part of the province of Alicante and climbing aboard a 4x4 to look out for incredible animal species. 

If you want to get really close to the animals, you can choose to take a private tour. The park rangers and guides will take care of your safety as you move nearer to the wildlife and even take part in feeding. A unique and exclusive experience with a qualified member of staff by your side at all times

At Safari Aitana you can watch and listen to animals from Europe, Africa, Asia, America and Australia to find out how they live. And if you want, you can help by sponsoring one of the animals. Throughout the year, you’ll contribute to the animal’s care and maintenance as well as receive updates about how it is doing. 

Safari Aitana offers a wonderful day out with all the family in which you’ll learn about the fascinating animal world. 

Safari Aitana

  • Carretera CV 785 KM. 20 03815 Penáguila, Alicante.
  • +34 965 529 273
  • +34 659 520 409
  • info@safariaitana.es

Penàguila is just 16km from Alcoy. Defined by its incredible natural landscape, the area is populated with olive and almond groves as well as woodland that serves as the perfect backdrop to outdoor activities. Located in the province of Alicante, Penàguila is a peaceful haven where you can really be at one with nature. 

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