Wellness awaits at Sha Wellness Clinic

Wellness, self-care, pampering. We know they’re important, but it’s hard to find the time to fit them in. Sha Wellness Clinic is a place where you can retreat and focus on you and your holistic wellbeing.


L’Alfàs del Pi is a place where the mountains and the coast fuse. A destination where the views over the clear Mediterranean waters will leave you speechless. And the perfect backdrop for a getaway dedicated to your wellness. The long-awaited pampering and getaway you deserve is at arm’s reach. 

Sha Wellness Clinic promises to give you all the care and attention you have been longing for. Sitting in the serene scenery of Serra Gelada natural park, the clinic’s location sets the tone for your stay. The tranquillity you breathe in from the mountains will be internalised so you can sink deeper and deeper into a state of total relaxation. So when you leave, you’ll feel fully re-energised and rejuvenated

Sha Wellness Clinic offers a selection of health programmes for you to choose from. Focusing on wellness, rejuvenation, weight control and post-COVID, the treatments are tailored to you. There are also detox and weight loss programmes in which professionals will help remove toxins and clear your mind and body. If you want to enhance your experience, you can even book a suite where you can continue to breathe in the air of pure wellness. 

Designed to emanate a sense of serenity, the facilities at Sha Wellness Clinic are superb. So what are you waiting for? There is no better time to treat yourself to the self-care you want and need. Discover Sha Wellness Clinic today.  

Sha Wellness Clinic

L’Alfàs del Pi is known for its contrasting landscapes. Enchanting beaches collide with the breathtaking mountainscape of Serra Gelada natural park in a haze of verdant vegetation and turquoise seas. Discover this magical destination and enjoy the most wonderful getaway.

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