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The aroma of basil fills the streets of Bétera on the morning of the 15 August with a truly unique parade. Discover more about this exceptional event.

Every year on the 15 August, Bétera is filled with the aroma of basil to honour Virgen de la Asunción. During Festa de les Alfàbegues, 2m high basil plants decorated with bright colours are paraded through the streets in a celebration that dates back over 400 years.

The festivities start months earlier at Hort de les Alfàbegues where nearly 80 basil plants are grown. Only the tallest will have the honour of taking part in the parade, which takes place under a shower of confetti.

This event is the most unique in a week of festivities taking place in Bétera. Also on the programme are paella making competitions, live performances, Medieval markets and cordàes, traditional gunpowder displays whose explosions will pulsate through your whole body.

Come to the town of Bétera in August to experience this beautiful tradition that emanates the distinctive scent of basil. We’ll see you there.

*Please confirm event times and dates have not changed.

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