Combining landscapes, ancient sites and unique festivals, Bétera is an incredible destination for a getaway.

A stone’s throw from València, Bétera sits on the final foothills of Sierra Calderona. The present-day town is built on Iberian settlements dating all the way back to the 5th century BC. As you wander around, you will get a sense of just how ancient the destination really is. 

What to see in Bétera

Situated in Camp del Túria, Bétera is swept up in the midst of agricultural land and natural landscapes. The beautiful scenery lends itself to long walks and bike rides. As you roam the area, you can count up to twenty-five catxerulos, old stone structures that were historically used for shelter. You will also come across cisterns, drinking troughs and farmhouses

Bétera is home to a number of archaeological sites. The first of these is an old Arab farmhouse where you can see Torre de Bofilla, an impressive tower. Not far away from this site is Horta Vella, where you can see the remains of thermal baths dating back to Roman times. And then there is Tos Pelat, an Iberian settlement that will transport you centuries back in time. If you fancy seeing some more recent remains, you can explore the trenches, bunkers and tunnels used for defence and vigilance during the Spanish Civil War. 

In the town centre you can’t miss Castillo de Bétera, an imposing fortress constructed on an Arab watchtower. The castle also houses an ethnographic museum, which is well worth a visit. To the south of the town, you can also visit Coves de Mallorca, a unique collection of subterranean houses which are now used for cultural events. 

And that’s not all. In Bétera you can play a round or two of golf and soak up the electric atmosphere of the town’s festivals. Every year on the 15 August, Festa de les Alfàbegues fills the town with the aroma of basil as huge basil plants are paraded through the streets. As is typical in the region, gunpowder also plays an important role in the event with spectacles such as Coetà del Gos. Bétera also holds its very own Fallas celebrations. Put the dates for these two big events in your diary and start planning your next getaway today. 


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