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Moreno Gorge in Bicorp is home to rock art, caves, beautiful trails, icy pools and much more. Come for an explore.

Located in Bicorp, Barranco Moreno – Moreno Gorge – has all sorts of surprises up its sleeves. You won’t believe your eyes when you discover everything this landscape has to offer.

With areas populated with shade-providing beech trees, Moreno Gorge is an area of undeniable natural beauty whose geology has helped make it even more spectacular. For centuries, the gorge has been home to countless examples of impressive rock art – protected by UNESCO – which is located inside rock shelters. As if that weren’t enough, you’ll also find pools of clean, transparent waters and some old cave-houses.

The PR-CV 173 trail makes its way through Moreno Gorge, taking you on an exploration of most of the natural and historic heritage located here. Alternatively, you could take a guided tour provided by Bicorp’s Ecomuseum.

Of the many shelters housing rock art in Moreno Gorge, highlights include Calicanto, Gineses, Lucio, Gavidia and Charco de la Madera. A number of different painting styles are represented, namely schematic and Levantine art. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your exploration of Moreno Gorge today.