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Why not delve into history, explore idyllic footpaths, and wander down charming little streets? It’s time to start planning your trip to Bicorp.

Bicorp is located in La Canal de Navarrés, a beautiful, rural inland county in the province of Valencia. It’s the perfect destination for a getaway full of hidden treasures - such as  spectacular prehistoric cave art - that are calling out to be discovered. Read on to find out all you need to know about Bicorp and make your trip an unforgettable one. 

What to do in Bicorp

Take a stroll around Bicorp’s historic centre and visit San Juan Evangelista Parish Church - built between the 16th and 18th centuries -  and El Señor Castle Palace - dating back to the 16th century - whose Renaissance façade is still very much intact. And don’t forget to visit the old outdoor washhouses and fountains.  

In and around Bicorp there are heaps of hiking trails you can take among the agricultural fields that will lead you to unique places. Moreno Gorge is not one to miss, as it is home to a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site: the Rock Art of the Mediterranean Basin on the Iberian Peninsula. 

The most notable of these sites is La Araña Cave, where rock art depicts a scene rarely observed: a figure foraging for honey. A very special site indeed. 

In this area you can find other rock shelters with examples of ancient paintings of historical value, including those at Lucio, Calicanto, Gineses and Charco de la Madera. There are also two incredible cave houses you must see. If you are keen to see these prehistoric wonders first hand - whether it be La Araña Cave, the rock shelters or the cave houses - you need to sign up to a guided tour organised by Bicorp Ecomuseum. The perfect way to learn all about our history.  

You can also visit Las Pedrizas Fort, built in the 17th century, or go on a gentle birding trail, great for all the family, to spot all sorts of different birds. You can’t get bored in Bicorp, so don’t wait any longer and plan that trip.


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