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Discover Bicorp’s historic heritage and enjoy all sorts of remains from the past, experiences and surprises.

Castillo Palacio del Señor, El Señor Castle Palace in Bicorp, is a Renaissance fortress that is thought to be built atop an older Arab building. Construction work started in the 16th century and you can still see parts of the main façade today. Specifically, you can admire the door underneath a semicircular arch above which you can see the coat of arms. Other original features include the cistern and a decorated fireplace.

El Señor Castle Palace has been the Castle Palace of the Lord of Bicorp since 1555. Over the years, it has also served as a carpentry workshop as well as a cinema until the end of the 20th century.

During your time in Bicorp, we’d also recommend visiting the wash houses and fountains as well as San Juan Evangelista Parish Church. And don’t forget about the incredible Ecomuseum. If you book one of the latter’s guided tours, you’ll be able to see a depiction of honey collection that has been imprinted on the walls of La Araña Cave for centuries. This is a destination with plenty of surprises up its sleeves.