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In the Gola de l'Estany you will find El Brosquil Beach, a treasure of Cullera that offers peace and quiet and very good dining options.

El Brosquil Beach is located in Cullera, specifically in the district of El Brosquil, to the south of Gola de l'Estany. This district offers a beautiful landscape of orange groves and its beach is no less beautiful: the fine golden sand it preserves is of great beauty.

El Brosquil Beach encompasses a stretch of coastline that includes more areas, such as the semi-urban El Dorado Beach and Silencio Beach, made up of rocks and small sandy areas. In total, they have a length of 2,220 metres and an average width of about 30 metres. El Brosquil Beach is semi-urban and its level of occupation is low, so now you know: if you are looking for a quiet beach where you can relax, this is a great option!

It has a first aid service, lifeguards, lifeguard towers, footbaths and walkways to enter the beach. Please note that pets are not allowed on this beach.

One of the secrets of El Brosquil is that it is surrounded by magnificent restaurants where you can enjoy the best traditional seafood cuisine, so after a morning of sunbathing and swimming, what better than a good fish rice dish?

El Brosquil Beach can be accessed by car (via the CV-605) or on foot. There is a car park, and a bus that leaves you nearby. If you are a surf lover, you can surf on this beach when the waves are good. Take note of El Brosquil and pay it a visit soon, you'll have a great time!

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