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Danzas de Guadassuar is an extraordinary spectacle that fills the streets of the town with dance, every night of the final week of August.

Every year on the final week of August, the streets of Guadassuar come alive with music and dance. Lasting six days, Danzas de Guadassuar is a traditional Valencian dance festival that has been listed a Festival of National Tourist Interest and an Event of Cultural Interest.

From Monday to Saturday, one of the streets in Guadassuar transforms into a dance floor. The street is decorated for the occasion and the locals dress up, ready to dance in couples or groups to the melodies of the live music.

Before the dance proper, a procession makes its way through the street where the dance takes place, announcing its arrival. Dinner is then served, followed by another procession in the opposite direction. The dance then starts in earnest with groups of dancers making their way to the floor from a house. Locals are then invited to join the dance, which fills the street with joy and happiness.

If you are in Guadassuar during the month of August, make sure to take part in Danzas and live an age-old Valencian tradition.

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