Festivity in honour of the patron saint "La Purísima"

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With a long calendar of acts between November and December, La Purísima festivities have a tradition that has been kept from the XVII century.

The fiesta is preceded by the Heralds of the silver Virgin, els Angelets, personified by children with pure voices, upon floats, crossing the main streets announcing the proximity of the festivities. The Cant dels Angelets is one of the treasures of the old Valencian music that dates back to 1662.

One of the most popular acts is the Bou en corda, celebrated the weekend before the festivity days of La Purísima. Also, with a marked popular flavour, there are the traditional dances of the Gegants, Cabets, Tartuga, Àguila, Arquets, Cavallets, Veta, Moma,... which lead the procession of the Virgin the 8th December. Also the Gegants i Cabets walk along the streets of the town on the eve of the Main festivity day.

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