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Come and explore La Marina de València, a waterfront space where you can get up to all sorts of things.

València’s old port is now known as La Marina de València. With a total surface area of 1,000,000m², this public space offers countless activities for you to enjoy. It is a centre of culture, innovation and entrepreneurship in the city, a consolidated seafront where gastronomy, sports, music and business live together in harmony.

La Marina de València is populated with iconic buildings like Veles e Vents whose original architecture has become a symbol of the city’s seafront. You'll also see Edificio del Reloj, the Tinglados and the old dry dock. Veles e Vents hosts exhibitions, dance performances and other sorts of art events. Check out the programme and while you're here, make the most out of the opportunity to discover the gastronomy available.

Sailing is, of course, the area’s main activity. There are over 800 moorings for private boats, all sorts of sea-related service companies, sports clubs and federations that give you the opportunity to go sailing, diving and kayaking. Another one of the arms of La Marina de València is dedicated to innovation in business. The marina is home to Marina de Empresas, an initiative that seeks to boost entrepreneurship and support new ideas.

In sum, La Marina de València is a place where everything is possible. Come here to soak up the incredible scenery and enjoy a wide range of leisure activities.


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