Kayak the cliffs and visit caves

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Walking around the Morro de Toix, in anactivity that is gratifying for all the senses, visualizing the cliffs that have formed in this area of the Alicante coast, getting to know the caves through which the sea penetrates, some of which are only accessible from the water, discovering its beautiful cavities, snorkeling in crystalline waters and getting to know the marine fauna, will surprise you to make this anunforgettable day.
Feelthesensation of sea kayakingthroughthe Morro de Toix (Altea) somecliffs of almost 200m above sea level. Thesecliffsofferustheopportunitytovisitfishinggrounds and sea caves, themostinterestingbeingthe Cueva delsColoms, wherewewillgoinsidetovisititsrooms and theundergroundriver. Wewillalsosnorkel in difficulttoreachstonecoves.


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- Technical material neededtocarryouttheactivity (neoprene, vest, booties and helmet, headlight, snorkeling goggles)
- Company C.R. insurance, accidentinsurance
- Guides are qualified
- Transport and footwearnotincluded
- Transport and footwearnotincluded