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Grieta Aventura
Precio: 55.0 €
Enjoy canyoning in Alicante with this beautiful and narrow channel ravine. Located in the Ebo valley, its characterized for its formidable smoothened formation, for its white limestone rock, its narrow stretches and the ravine¿s depth. We will descend through its high-walled pass with technical ropes, accessing through the Catedral del Senderismo
The Del¿Infern Ravine, the Catedral del Senderismo, in the north of Alicante province, in the evocative Laguar Valley, we find the De l¿Infern Ravine (Barranco del Infierno). This torterous mountain pass is the scene of one of the most unique trails in the region. Probably due to its more than 6,800 stone steps, it is known by its nickname 'La Catedral del Senderismo'. However, for the descent of Del Infierno Ravine, we will not follow the Catedral del Senderismo route, we will descend through the ravine¿s pass, getting another very distinctive perspective, where we will find one of the most relevant canyons along the Mediterranean Basin. It has an envious aesthetic, where the light penetrates and reflexs itself off its white walls.
# Availability
All year
# Services included
-Technical material necessary for the realization of the neoprene activity, harness, booties, helmet).
-Corporate liability insurance, accident insurance.
-Guide are qualified.
-Photographic report.
Transport and footwear not included.