Water route, Gorgo canyon of the stairs.

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Grieta Aventura

Precio: 40.0 €
You can't miss it! With Grieta Aventura you will enjoy a unique experience. We are sure you will repeat and want to continue canyoning in Valencia.

The Gorgo de la Escalera canyon consists of 3 rappels, the first one at 8 meters is usually dry, but the second one, at about 6 meters, will leave us in crystal clear water, characteristic of this canyon.

During the tour we will enjoy jumps and fun to the fullest! Everything is surrounded by a magnificent natural environment that will make us have a fantastic experience until we reach the last rappel, which consists of 25 meters of pure adrenaline, which with the help of our guides Grieta Aventura will descend enjoying.


Disponible todo el año

#Servicios incluidos

- Technical material needed to carry out the activity (neoprene, harness, booties and helmet)
- Company C.R. insurance, accident insurance
-Guide is qualified.
- Photographic report
- Transport and footwear not included