Banyeres de Mariola
Banyeres de Mariola
Banyeres de Mariola
Banyeres de Mariola
Banyeres de Mariola
Banyeres de Mariola
Banyeres de Mariola
Banyeres de Mariola


Situated to the north of Alicante in l'Alcoià county, Banyeres de Mariola is nestled in the beautiful surroundings of Sierra de Mariola natural park. The wildlife here is characterised by its aromatic and medicinal herbs while the fountains and sights in the village tell a long and fascinating history. Keep reading to find out more. 

What to see in Banyeres de Mariola

There is no better place to start your exploration of Banyeres de Mariola than at the castle. Standing at 830m above sea level, the fortress has been rebuilt over the years, though you can see some of its Islamic remains today. Built in the Almohad period using the rammed earth technique, the keep towers over the rest of the castle. From here, you can enjoy vistas over not one but a total of four provinces: Albacete, Murcia, Alicante and Valencia. 

Your next stop should be the Monument to Sant Jordi. Located at the foot of the castle, this sculpture was built to commemorate where San Jorge chapel once stood. This chapel was known at the time as El Conjurador (The Conjurer) as it was said that Sant Jordi had the ability to conjure up storms upon the request of the population. 

Another religious building that is well worth a visit is Santa María church. Sitting in Plaza Mayor, the church has the shape of a Latin cross and the main façade is in the Baroque style. The bell tower was torn to the ground during the Spanish Civil War and has been painstakingly rebuilt to recreate the original. 

The most historic building in Banyeres de Mariola is Santa María Magdalena chapel. Dating to between the 13th and 14th centuries, this beautiful place of worship comes into its own in the month of July, when processions are held and offerings given in honour of the Virgin. 

The next sight on your to-visit list in Banyeres de Mariola is Casa de la Cultura. The house was once used to raise money to help the poor and make repairs to the local theatre; it remains a special place for locals to this day.

And then you should go and visit the mills. Flanking the river Vinalopó, the constructions speak of the village’s rich and diverse industrial past. 

There is no better way to conclude your time in Banyeres de Mariola than by sitting down to a good meal, meeting the local people and discovering the traditions that are still very much alive.  A simply wonderful destination immersed in a beautiful naturescape.


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