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Fall in love with this natural park’s stunning scenery amidst mountains and sea. And be blown away by one of the most iconic mountain peaks in the region.

Parque Natural del Montgó, El Montgó Natural Park, stretches between the municipalities of Jávea and Dénia culminating in an magnificent mountain peak at its centre. This natural area extends to the Mediterranean coast and is home to thriving seabeds, cliffs abundant with wildlife, coves, beaches and sand banks. Immerse yourself in a wealth of outdoor activities surrounded by stunning naturescapes. El Montgó Natural Park has a distinct outline you can not miss owing to the imposing Montgó mountain that conceals true natural marvels beneath.

Traditionally, El Montgó Natural Park was used for agriculture, artisanal basketry making and fishing, where the lives of locals intertwined with nature and the area’s history.

One of the main reasons to visit this slice of nature is for the incredible greenery, some of which is endemic to the area, as well as the local wildlife comprising aquatic birds, birds of prey and mammals such as foxes and badgers. Keen birdwatchers will feel right at home and be able to add new bird species to their bird life list. And don’t miss the chance to go on a walk along one of the many idyllic hiking trails through El Montgó Natural Park. Stumble upon chapels, old farming land, fantastic viewpoints, Roman inscriptions, windmills, coves with crystal clear waters and recreational areas where you can stop for a well-deserved rest along the way.

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