Misteri d'Elx

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The Misteri d'Elx is a lyrical drama, medieval in origin, which relates the Assumption of the Virgin into Heaven. This is the only work of its kind that has survived to the modern day, as the Council of Trent banned theatrical plays being acted out in holy places. This tradition continues in Elx, however, thanks to a special Papal bull. The "actors" are the people from Elx and this spectacular work, with an enormous cultural value, is justifiably worthy of the declaration of ORAL AND INTANGIBLE WORLD CULTURAL HERITAGE from UNESCO.

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Días 11, 12 (22:30 h) y 13 (17:30h) de Agosto: Ensayos Generales. Días 14 (La Vespra) y 15 (La Festa) a las 18:00 h con entrada libre. En años pares también hay Representaciones extraordinarias en los días 29 y 30 de octubre y 1 de noviembre (días 29 y 30 con entrada y día 1 entrada gratuita)