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The Proclamation or "Pregón" marks the beginning of the celebrations, which are followed by the representation of the legend of "L'Encantà", a spectacle of light, water and fire with origins in the figure of the Dama of Guardamar, an Iberian sculpture from IV century B.C. The first days of the festivities are centre around the "Barraca Popular" with gastro food trucks anf fair, the Fancy Dress Parade, the Mediaeval Market or the Correfocs. Afterwards are programmed the proper acts of Moors and Christians. On July 25 the solemn procession takes place in honour of our patron saint, Saint James. The festivities finish with the parades in which they present their best gowns in order to interpret dances, sword fights, with horses and coaches.

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Desfiles principales: 24 y 25 de julio.

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