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Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 1pm and from 4 to 7pm; Sundays and bank holidays from 11am to 2pm.

The Biodiversity Museum was inaugurated in the Villa de Ibi on 30th September 2004. Its ultimate aim is to make society in general aware of the values of the conservation of the Mediterranean ecosystems and of the problems that currently constitute a threat for the animal and vegetable species that inhabit them and to this end will watch over the scientific management of the museum which will be carried out by the CIBIO (Iberoamerican (i.e. Latin American) Centre of Biodiversity) in close coordination with the Department of the Environment of the Ibi City Council. The visitor will be able to contemplate collections of plants and animals perfectly identified and integrated into the habitats where they live (earth, rocks etc.), inside glass showcases with autonomous systems of illumination incorporated. The showcases represent a scale version of our Mediterranean habitat, as well as some of the main uses of the Mediterranean forest and of the adjacent crops. Next to the showcases there are informative posters that illustrate and explain the content of the showcases and all this is completed with interactive games and short projections. The CIBIO takes on board the scientific management of the exhibition and contributes the greatest part of the collections on exhibit, even though the exhibition has also received private contributions and collections pertaining to the Ibi City Council itself.