la Vall de Gallinera

la Vall de Gallinera

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Vall de Gallinera is a beautiful valley formed of eight villages, namely Benirrama, Benialí, Benisivá, Benitaia, La Carroja, Alpatró, Llombai and Benissili. These enchanting villages are situated along the banks of the river Gallinera, nestled among Les Solanes, El Almirante and Foradà mountains. A landscape that is defined by the wildest nature. 

What to see in Vall de Gallinera

This stunning area of the Region of Valencia beckons you to explore its incredible naturescapes. Hiking trails will lead you to sites and points of interest that are steeped in history, traditions and culture that dates back centuries. 

One such route will take you to Castillo de Benirrama, a fortress built between the 11th and 13th centuries that was destroyed by an earthquake in 1644. You will be treated to the most spectacular vistas on your way to see the ruins. Another trail will lead you to Castillo de Benissili where you can see the ruins of the residence formerly inhabited by Al-Azraq, the final stronghold to surrender to King James I. 

La Vall de Gallinera is a haven for nature lovers. If you love immersing yourself in the wilderness, you simply have to visit Penya Foradà. This rugged crag has a unique opening at the top which provides an incredible spectacle. During the months of March and October, the rays of the sun pass through this opening, illuminating the Franciscan convent in Benitaia beyond. 

The municipalities inhabiting the valley are places where traditions are very much alive including in the gastronomy. You can also enjoy a number of spectacles here, such as the cherry trees in blossom and the many historic castles populating the area. 

Another incredible place to visit are the Benirrama and Benialí caves which are home to a number of prehistoric cave paintings in different styles, including Levantine, Schematic and Macro-Schematic. 

La Vall de Gallinera will envelop you in the most spectacular mountain landscapes and incredible historic sites that speak of the area’s history. Come along to see it all for yourself. 


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