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Wander around a beautiful Gothic Renaissance palace during your time in Onil and soak up the artistry and history.

Castillo Fortaleza del Marqués de Dos Aguas sits on Onil’s Plaza Mayor in the centre of the town. Construction started on the structure around 1539 and ended in 1614. Barón de la Foia de Castalla Ramón de Vilanova commissioned the fortress and it was later inherited by Gaspar de Rocafull, whom King Philip IV named Marqués de Dos Aguas, the Marquis of Dos Aguas, giving the palace its name.

The palace has three towers, in addition to the bell tower which is part of the parish church. Today, part of the building is occupied by the town hall, but this doesn’t mean you can’t visit. First, you will cross a trench before stepping foot into the entrance – leading to the beautiful cloister – where the prison used to be located. As you wander around the rest of the palace, you will see plenty of vaulted ceilings, arches and great windows as well as grand rooms topped with wooden ceilings. The façade has in part been restored to improve its appearance.

Castillo del Marqués de Dos Aguas is a great place to start your explorations of Onil and Foia de Castalla. From here, you could also hop over to nearby Ibi to visit the Toy Museum or to Castalla to take a look around the castle whose views will blow you away. With countless cultural, historic and natural sites, the area offers plenty of ways to spend your time.

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