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Come and take a look around a contemporary art collection on display at Onil Cultural Centre.
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Onil Cultural Centre houses a contemporary art exhibition with works from the year 1976 to the present day. This is the Contemporary Art Collection from the Eusebio Sempere Painting Competition.

The collection comprises 59 pieces of work that won the biennial Eusebio Sempere Painting Competition that the local council has been running every two years since 1990 (from 1976 to 1989 the competition was an annual affair). The aim of the competition is to promote the plastic arts in Onil and share the talent and creativity of the participating artists.

Beyond the winning pieces, the catalogue also includes work that the council has acquired to expand the collection, which are now part of the municipality’s heritage.

Located in the centre of the town, Onil Cultural Centre is easy to get to. The space not only exhibits the winning pieces from the competition, but also has a room for temporary exhibitions. During your time in Onil, we’d recommend coming to visit the centre to soak up all the culture it has to offer.

The competition is named after Eusebio Sempere, an important plastic artist that was born in Onil in 1923 and spent his final days in the town in 1985. Don’t miss your opportunity to see his original work, which is on display in the greatest galleries in Spain, and come to Onil to discover his legacy in the form of the competition.