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Discover the history of a watchtower that used to protect Burriana from pirate attacks.

The Valencian coastline is lined with watchtowers and Burriana is no exception. Torre del Mar, literally meaning ‘tower of the sea’ was used throughout the 16th and 17th centuries to protect the town from pirate attacks.

Torre del Mar is located close to Clot de la Mare de Déu, a natural landscape situated between the sea and the mouth of the river Anna.

Architecturally, the watchtower is defined by its square floor plan which has a perimeter of 25 metres. The walls are a total of 14 metres high. The ground floor comprises a small barn topped with a barrel vault. There are three square embrasures that were used by soldiers for defence.

If you are spending some time in Burriana, make sure you put this historic site on your to-visit list. Take a stroll around the area and imagine just how many pirate attacks the tower helped fend off.