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Complejo Rural Turimaestrat
Precio: 35.0 € Incluye estancia Régimen Room only
Are you traveling as a family, in a group or as a couple? Maybe with your company colleagues? Turimaestrat is your rural house. Find your independence in the 10 fully equipped rural studios and share the most incredible experiences in the 120 m2 Common Room. Cook, prepare barbecues, dance, play ping pong ... You can also take the opportunity and get to know our surroundings with a visit to the oil storage and the ancient olive trees of our region. You will get to know first-hand that much appreciated liquid gold that we have in Mediterranean gastronomy:AOVE
Very good location. Prices € / person / night
Disponible todo el año
#Servicios incluidos
Great room of 120 m2 to gather the whole group
Ten fully equipped independent rural studios of varying capacities
Activities for all ages
Turimaestrat Rural Complex Accommodation, 2 nights
free crib and baby bath
free firewood for your barbecues and for the fireplace
#Otros servicios
20.0 €
coaching, dance or mindfulness workshop for companies or families
22.0 €
additional bed for children
25.0 €
shopping list (we make the purchase and the day of your arrival you will have the purchase in the fridge)