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Fuente de los 50 caños is a truly unique fountain located in a beautiful area of Segorbe.

On the right bank of the river Palancia, close to Segorbe, there is a beautiful spot enveloped in nature where the sound of silence is interrupted only by the relaxing trickle of running water. A lovely place to while away the hours sitting in the cool shade of the trees.

Fuente de los 50 caños is located here, a unique fountain with no fewer than 50 spouts, each of which represents one of the provinces in Spain. There is a coat of arms above each spout, designating the province it represents.

Fuente de los 50 caños has a long history. Originally called Fuente Juan Alves, it was a large spring which led to two pools in the river that were popular spots for taking a swim. Stepping stones were placed in the spring to aid access. Later, the mayor of Segorbe, Pedro Moreno, decided to transform the spring into a fountain with 40 spouts, which in the coming years became 50.

A lovely fountain that is well worth a visit during your time in Segorbe.

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