How to make an authentic Valencian paella, step by step

Want to treat your friends and family to something special? Make them an authentic Valencian paella following this step-by-step recipe.


Valencian paella is arguably the most internationally renowned dish to come out of the Region of Valencia’s gastronomy. It is a dish that transcends borders and that has become something of a symbol. Valencian paella is made out of local produce sourced from the huerta, our agricultural land, that is bursting with flavour and tradition. It is probably the most popular choice of dish for celebrations.

For Valencians, cooking a paella on a Sunday is something of a ritual. The perfect excuse to get together with your friends and family. Mediterranean in Action is therefore going to show you exactly how to cook Valencian paella – you will see that it is not at all that complicated.

Valencian paella is one of the most renowned dishes in the world. Its gastronomic prestige has resulted in the dish having its very own celebration - World Paella Day. All the ingredients used to make paella are grown in the agricultural land around València and of the highest quality. The rice, if possible, should be of València Designation of Origin.

It is difficult to know exactly where Valencian paella comes from, but some of the destinations where the recipe is most deep rooted are located close to L’Albufera de València Natural Park. The area is something of a must visit if you are keen to know everything there is to know about the dish. You will find restaurants serving up some of the finest examples of it, which you can savour amid the rice fields and water birds. That said, you won’t find it difficult to find restaurants with Valencian paella on their menus up and down the Region of Valencia.

Sueca, for example, is a great choice as it hosts the international paella contest on a yearly basis. And then there’s El Palmar, a charming fishing village defined by rice fields, freshwater canals, traditional boats and the wetland scenery of L’Albufera.

Alternatively, you could embark on the experience of learning to cook Valencian paella. There is no shortage of experiences in which you can enjoy the delicious dish in a beautiful setting. Come and fall in love with Valencian paella and discover how it’s cooked by watching our video. Click play.