Nestled among the olive and almond groves of inland Castellón is Vilafamès, a pretty little village that clings to the slopes of the mountainscape. The unique position of the village paired with the spectacular scenery has made it a favourite spot among artists over the years. 

The inherent beauty of the village is still very much intact. As you amble down the narrow streets, you will be taken on a journey back in time, discovering everything that has made it what it is today. This legacy has resulted in it being declared one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. Well worth an explore, wouldn’t you say? 

What to see in Vilafamés

The steep streets of Vilafamés will lead you to arguably one of the most beautiful points in the municipality: the historic centre, and the  artistic and historic conservation area. The district is divided into two clear areas: the higher part of the village, characterised by narrow and zigzagging streets, and the lower part, with its more linear roads shaped by the lay of the land

As you explore this area, make sure to stop off at one of the most popular photo spots. Roca Grossa is a large rock that has been sitting in the same position for hundreds of years, though at first glance it might appear to be sliding down the hillside. Legend has it that if you touch it and make three wishes, at least one of them will come true. 

The next place to visit is Castillo de Vilafamés, a fortress that seems to grow out of the rocky mountain. The oldest parts of the castle date back to the 14th century and practically all of the original structure remains to this day, as well as ruins from the Roman, Muslim and Christian periods. The castle is one of the most important sights in the village and an absolute must-visit during your time here. 

Vilafamés is also home to some other historic points of interest: Cova de Dalt del Tossal de la Font is an important archaeological site and Abric del Castell boasts some great cave paintings.  

Art and culture are everywhere you look in Vilafamés. A case in point is La Asunción parish church, a beautiful Baroque building. Inside, you will be taken aback by the artistry, particularly the altarpiece that dates to the early 17th century. If you are left wanting more, make your way to Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, the contemporary art gallery, whose collections are housed in a lovely 15th century palace. Both of which will capture your attention. 

As if all that weren’t enough, the local gastronomy is absolutely delicious. The wines, in particular, are something special. A great way to spend your time is exploring the wineries producing bottles under the Vins de les Terres de Castelló Protected Geographical Indication label. And there are plenty of tasty dishes to try too. The village’s traditional recipes include olla (stew), tombet (ox stew) and delicious desserts such as pastissos de boniato (sweet potato pastries) and coc de farina (a sponge-type cake).  

Vilafamés is a pretty little village that will win your heart. So come along for a visit and explore all the wonders inland province of Castellón has to offer.

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