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How do you fancy cooking up a delicious dish of Gandia fideuà, a delicate fish dish that your palate will love. Bring the Mediterranean to your dining table.

One of the Region of Valencia’s great fish dishes is Gandia fideuà, a delicate dish that captures the flavours of the sea. If you’re keen to try an exceptional fideuà, make your way to Gandia, the wonderful town of the Borja, to sit down to savour a plate of the dish. You could alternatively learn to cook it yourself.
The secret to making a tasty Gandia fideuà is to use fish sourced from the local fish market, which will make a flavourful, aromatic stock. Legend has it that it was pure chance that led to fideuà coming about: onboard a fishing boat, they were cooking a rice dish with fish, only they realised they were missing the main ingredient: rice. They therefore replaced the rice with pasta as it was the only thing they had in the kitchen cupboards.
Fideuà is one of the symbols of Gandia, alongside its incredible beaches, wide range of leisure and restaurant options, and the fascinating historic heritage. Santa María Collegiate Church, the Walls and the Ducal Palace of the Borgias are must-visits on your cultural exploration of the destination, which can come to a tasty end with a dish of fideuà. Alternatively, you can dig into the dish after a day of the beach and water sports. You can now learn to cook fideuà, step by step: you’ll soon see that it isn’t at all complicated to make. You ready to do some cooking?