Peñíscola castle, a living legend of the Mediterranean

Art and culture
Shrouded in mystery, the subject of legends and the backdrop to well-known series and films, Peñíscola has got plenty to discover.

When you visit Peñíscola you’ll be immersed in the history that lives on in the town. Straddling the Mediterranean Sea and Sierra de IrtaPeñíscola offers a wonderful day out, whether you fancy unwinding on the beautiful beaches and coves offering incredible sea views or wandering the streets of the historic centre. The old town is positively bursting with history and you can see the marks of even its most distant past, connected to Pope Benedict XIII, also known as Papa Luna. 

If you want to delve deeper into Peñíscola’s heritage, your first stop simply has to be Peñíscola castle, or Papa Luna castle, as it was the residence of the Pope, although it was also in the hands of Jaime I and the Templar Knights. The castle sits atop the town’s characteristic rocky crag and to get there you’ll take a lovely walk through the pretty historic centre. 

Peñíscola castle is shrouded in mysteries and the subject of legends regarding the Order of the Templar Knights. Stories like that of Holy Grail are connected to the enigma of the Order which you can live as you explore the castle.  

Perfectly preserved, the Romanesque castle is defined by its austere style and its solid construction, which are common among Templar buildings.  

You simply have to explore the castle from inside out, climbing all of its stairs and gazing out at the incredible views over Peñíscola and the infinite Mediterranean Sea.  

The magic and long history of the castle has also caught the eye of great film directors, who have featured the castle in a number of well-known films and series, such as Game of Thrones

Discover Peñíscola today and live its history.