Nestled between two mountainscapes, you’ll find a place where your comfort takes centre stage: Masía Durbá, a majestic country property.


Located in Castellnovo, Masía Durbá is a handsome hotel housed in a beautiful 18th century country property that sits on the remains of a Roman villa. An historic place that breathes the past. 

Sitting in the midst of almond and carob trees, this Castellnovo hotel’s surroundings are just as impressive as its interior. A beautiful renovation project has resulted in an inspired décor that will shower you in a world of comforts.

Though revolving around the Mediterranean, the design has also sought inspiration from distant lands. The ten luxuriant guestrooms will whisk you away to Java, Borneo, Thailand, Bali and Sri Lanka, as well as to the African island of Madagascar. Two guestrooms are inspired by the nearby Sierra de Espadán and Sierra Calderona mountainscapes. And some of the rooms have added luxuries such as jacuzzis, terraces, fireplaces and more. Outdoors there is a pool where you can take dips enveloped in the embrace of mother nature

Masía Durbá has an intimate restaurant serving delicious dishes that shine the spotlight on local produce and products. As you sit on the beautiful patio, you can order from a menu that takes its inspiration from traditional dishes and giving them a modern twist. 

The hotel is also an ideal place to host special events such as weddings. Masía Durbá’s gardens and patio make the ideal backdrop to both the ceremony and the reception for your big day. Whether you fancy a formal dinner or a more relaxed buffet-style event, one thing is for sure: your guests will be blown away. So what are you waiting for? Put Masía Durbá on your to-visit list and start planning your getaway. 

Masía Durbá

Castellnovo is a small rural community sitting in the spectacular mountains of Sierra de Espadán and Sierra Calderona natural park. Here you will discover the marks past civilisations have left behind and boundless landscapes where you can go hiking and take dips in natural pools. Make it your next destination.