If you’re looking for a guided tour in the province of Alicante, Tours Mediterráneo is the company for you. Discover the long list of destinations you can explore with their professional guides by your side.


Based in Novelda, Tours Mediterráneo runs guided tours throughout the province of Alicante. Accompanied by professional guides, you can explore destinations that are steeped in history, like Orihuela, Villajoyosa and more, and gain a greater understanding of different sights and points of interest. 

The list of destinations you can visit with Tours Mediterráneo includes Elche, Alicante, Benidorm, El Castell de Guadalest, Polop and Finestrat. Some tours focus on a particular sight - such as Santa Bárbara castle in Alicante, and the castle and church in Novelda - or a particular theme - like “modern times”. With your guide by your side, you will discover the history of the most iconic sights in the destination you’re visiting and immerse yourself in the artistry and heritage they hold. 

Tours Mediterráneo also offers private tours in Alicante, Benidorm, Novelda and Elche’s El Raval district, an historic part of the town that dates back to Moorish times that is now bustling with creativity. Alcoy with its beautiful Modernist buildings is another option, as are the castles in Villena, Sax and Petrer. And if you fancy immersing yourself in the local gastronomy, you can discover everything you need to know about El Vinalopó, a protected designation of origin grape. 

The tours will also take you to UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Elche as well as picturesque spots like the houses perched atop the rockface in El Castell de Guadalest. 

Tours Mediterráneo will show you that the province of Alicante is more than spectacular beaches and coves; that it’s a destination full of history, traditions, gastronomy and artisanship. Check out the long list of destinations you can visit with Tours Mediterráneo and start planning your guided tour for your upcoming getaway. 

Tours Mediterráneo

Famed for its saffron and grapes, Novelda is a wonderful destination for a getaway. Spend time marvelling at María Magdalena church with its Modernist architecture and exploring La Mola castle with its centuries of history. This is not a destination you’ll want to miss. 

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