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Fan artisanship has a long tradition in Aldaia: come and take a look around a museum that pays homage to the craft.

Museo del Abanico, or MUPA for short, sits on Calle Iglesia in Aldaia, which is located in the province of Valencia. The fan museum is dedicated to spreading knowledge about the craft in Aldaia and the rest of the Region of Valencia. Fans have a long tradition in the metropolitan area of València. Combining functionality and art, fans showcase the technique and taste of fan artisans, who put a great deal of care into making the objects.

MUPA is home to an extensive collection of old and contemporary fans dating from the 18th century to the present day. Traditional machinery, parts and utensils used to make the fans are also on display. As you make your way around the museum, you will see the evolution in the design, style and materials of fans.

MUPA in Aldaia is housed in Casa de la Llotgeta, a Renaissance style manor house dating to the late 16th and early 17th centuries. Recently renovated, the building has three storeys and an exterior patio. Coming to admire the building is a reason in itself to visit the fan museum.

MUPA’s permanent collection comprises 10 spaces that provide the context of fan artisanship around the world. In the mid-19th century, the first workshops appeared in Aldaia. At least 18 families were involved in the craft. Come to the museum to take a look around an extraordinary exhibition about an accessory we’ve been using for centuries. You’ll find it fascinating.